Counter-Strike 1.6 LH 2011 ( ME UCP dhe PA UCP ) - Orange BOX


Djem sot do tju trregoj per Counter-Strike 2011 Version 2 dmth me i Riu per momentin , para 1 kohet e pata publiku version 2011 po per shkak te disa problemeve qe u shfaqin u desht mi anulu at CS - kshtut qe ne kete version i kom rregullu ato probleme dhe eshte dal perfekt por RISIA qe e pruna ne kete Version eshte
qe ky Counter-Strike LH mund te luhet me UCP dhe PA UCP dmth si ta instaloni ne Desktop i keni 2 Icon qe jan Counter-Strike 1.6 LH (PA UCP) dhe Counter-Strike 1.6 LH (ME UCP) dmth i keni 2 mundesi me lutj me UCP dhe pa UCP nuk keni mo nevoj te instaloni 2 CS per ata qe nuk e dijin kete
dhe RISIA tjeter qe ki Version ka Patch e Steam te ri dmth (Orange BOX) eshte
ky pra eshte version 2011 nuk ka ndryshim fort te madh prej ati version 2011 qe e pata postu po veq qe jan eleminu problemet ne grafik ne instalim, DD



LongHorn Edition - Version 2 (c) 2011


* Protocol 48 Non-Steam
* Exe version (cstrike) FIXED Bug in Vista & 7
* Exe build: (4554)
* SteamID Numeric
* Setti MasterServer 12735 Servers (Play Online)
* Latest REVOLUTION Emulator 9.8.3
* AntiCheats UCP 6.5 ( Ka te Instaluar hazer, skeni nevoj te instaloni
* NEW - LongHorn GUI Version 3 (Graphical User Interface) Easy to Use & Beauty
* NEW - Backgorund (800x600 - 1024x768) - By: Daniel Luvisi
* NEW - Commander Menu (Game Settings, Mp3 Player, Useful Stuff, Server Stuff, Record Demo)
* NEW - Keyboard Commander (Much More Commanders) - Create Your Personal Config CFG
* NEW - Logo Loading
* NEW - FONTS + Shadow (Much Beauty Better Fonts Quality)
* NEW - GameStartup Song (CS Startup Song)
* NEW - Ico (Counter-Strike.exe)
* NEW - Logo 187
* NEW - Motd (NEW LOGO)
* Added - DemoLoaded Button In GameMenu (Easy To PlayDEMO)
* Added - Option to launch listen server in LAN mode
* Added - FPS & PING Booster Version 3 CFG (Much FPS TuneUp)
* Added - Counter-Strike No Force.exe (Play With NonForce Commander No Need Shourtcut -game cstrike)
* Added - 10 Chat Con Colors (Included in Commander Menu)
* Added - Best Config .cfg (Fast Script buy,slot weapons ETC...) + Best Commander Server Settings
* Added - LH Tool's ( Foder | Commander AMX, Console, No Force, Parameters Starter | 11 FIX | 35 CFG Best Player, FPS Booster v2, Tool,Tutorial,)
* FIXED - Bug Serverbrowser with favorites using S.M
* FIXED - sv_lan 0 enforce
* FIXED - Options (Video 32Bits)
* FIXED - VGuy
* FIXED - ScoreBoard "TAB"
* FIXED - Some Bugs (General GUI + Language File)
* Playable on LAN and Internet
* The original character models and weapons
* Steam Account / CD-Key NOT required. Installing, running, playing.
* Half-Life maps are totally removed
* Clean rip from original files with these exceptions
* HLDS and HLTV included and works
* Working Dedicated and Listen server
* Ads are removed
* Easy To Install & Beauty





Pra ky eshte Counter-Strike LH me posht do tju Qes Linkat ku muni mi download edhe Mirror neper Web tjeter


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